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 palehoof feral tank application

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Registration date : 2008-09-10

PostSubject: palehoof feral tank application   Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:45 am

Character Name: Palehoof

Armory Profile Link - ARMORY PROFILE
I have my pvp gear on at the moment, I have seperate tanking gear in my bags. Here are my tanking stats - 13.5k HP; 418 Defense Rating; 19.7k Armor; 22.63% Dodge; 1971 AP; 27.97% crit unbuffed (without mark)

Is this your main?: Yea, but I have a gnome warlock on Frostwolf before I rerolled on Darkspear.

Character Attunements/Keys: Keyed to all heroics.. thats it ><

PvE Experience: MC, BWL, Kara, Gruuls, Mags

What raid instances do you have the most experience with?: Kara

What level of involvement are you looking for with our raids?: I'm on most of the time, I can be involved in most raids =)

How did you hear about NexMilitis?: Peannut recommended me

Do you have any personal references within the guild?: Peannut, Leicareel, Foufoufun

Why do you wish to join NexMilitis?: you guys are a really good guild.. I want to progress with you guys(;

Have you grouped with any NexMilitis members or have friends in NexMilitis? Peannut, Leicareel, Foufoufun

List your previous guilds in the last six months. Include both the reason you left and something you liked about each.: Down with the Sickness (they suck and the guild leader kept fucking around and was on a power trip) Addiction (they were not progressing, and the leaders kinda broke up, and after 2 of the leaders left, the guild kinda fell apart)

Do you feel it is the guilds job to help gear you for raids?: Nah, but they can help =)

What are your usual playing times? Would you be available for our scheduled raid times?: I goto continuation school, so I go to school once a week, for 2 hours.. I'm 15 so I don't have a job, I can be on pretty much anytime.

What other times are you available?: Pretty much anytime.. mostly on the weekdays though, I go out on weekends.. but I can stay in if needed.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you would be a good asset to NexMilitis: I don't piss people off.. I'm a good listener and I catch on quick.. I can innervate too xD

Do you have vent? (Microphone is optional, but we need you to be able to listen.): Yes/Yes I have a mic.
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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2008-09-10

PostSubject: Re: palehoof feral tank application   Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:25 pm

o yeah, i have some healing gear in my bag... not complete yet.. but +1100 heals so far =P
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palehoof feral tank application
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