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 70 MM hunter

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PostSubject: 70 MM hunter   Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:03 pm

Character Name:Shadowkila

Armory Profile Link (required - please look your toon up and copy and paste the URL here. Does not need to be clickable.):
Is this your main?:yes

Character Attunements/Keys:all heroics everything since keys arent reqd for anything anymore

PvE Experience:old school all the way to naxx, BC full ssc/tk first boss in hyjal

What raid instances do you have the most experience with?:all of em

What level of involvement are you looking for with our raids?:every raid core raider equivelant

How did you hear about NexMilitis?:I watch progression on the server

Do you have any personal references within the guild?: not personaly

Why do you wish to join NexMilitis?: I stopped raiding when defenders or sporeaggar broke up and id like to start again

Have you grouped with any nexMilitis members or have friends in NexMilitis? (RL and/or in game):Oh im sure plenty of ppl knw me in the guild

List your previous guilds in the last six months. Include both the reason you left and something you liked about each.:Defenders of sporeaggar broke up and now my guild just use it for the guild bank

Do you feel it is the guilds job to help gear you for raids?:No that is the players responsability to be ready consumeables etc and to be level with the guilds progression

What are your usual playing times? Would you be available for our scheduled raid times?:i'm on every day on average 4st til 3st

What other times are you available?:

Tell us a little about yourself and why you would be a good asset to NexMilitis:Very dedicated raider whose motto is guild progression before personal gain and youll always come out on top

Do you have vent? (Microphone is optional, but we need you to be able to listen.):vent and mic
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70 MM hunter
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