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 DpS war At your service

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PostSubject: DpS war At your service   Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:31 pm

Character Name: Gorbaz

Armory Profile Link (required - please look your toon up and copy and paste the URL here. Does not need to be clickable.): http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Darkspear&n=Gorbaz

Is this your main?: Yes

Character Attunements/Keys: All

PvE Experience: years upon years : ]

What raid instances do you have the most experience with?: Kara / Hyjal

What level of involvement are you looking for with our raids?: Maximum

How did you hear about NexMilitis?: Leicareel

Do you have any personal references within the guild?: Leicareel

Why do you wish to join NexMilitis?: They seem to have great potential.

Have you grouped with any nexMilitis members or have friends in NexMilitis? (RL and/or in game): Leicareel

List your previous guilds in the last six months. Include both the reason you left and something you liked about each.:
Too Legit To Quit : Took a break from WoW / kicked for innactivity

Do you feel it is the guilds job to help gear you for raids?: I will do all in my own power to help others get geared before myself.

What are your usual playing times? Would you be available for our scheduled raid times?: I have a very flexible schedule.

What other times are you available?: Almost any time id like.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you would be a good asset to NexMilitis: I have years of experience in RPG's, especially WoW. I would like to grow with the guild, and especially make new friends. Im a very good listener, and follow directions perfect. At the same time though, I am a confident leader if needed.

Do you have vent? (Microphone is optional, but we need you to be able to listen.): Yes i have vent / mic.
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DpS war At your service
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