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 Raiding mages have it easy!

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PostSubject: Raiding mages have it easy!   Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:58 pm

Well... I think us mages have an easy job theorycrafting our maximum potential.
And why not?

With theorycrafting resources from various sources around the net, who CAN'T figure out their maximum potential?

Take Lhivera's Theorycrafting site, for example.

BEST damned Mage theorycrafter out there. Dude's got a lock on the numbers. High DPS spell rotations and cookie-cutter mage builds. I use it a lot... and I suggest all our mages plug your armory info into the thing and look at the numbers.

Numbers are fun.

For example... if I were fire spec'd with the current gear I'm using (and +1280dmg... which is off a little because of the Mind Mastery)...
Quote :
Dmg/Sec Spell/Rotation Threat/Sec
1,500.75 Fireball w/IV+MF) 1,350.68
1,271.96 Fire Blast 1,144.76
1,252.15 Fireball w/IV 1,126.94
1,250.63 Fireball (w/MF) 1,125.56
1,239.20 Fireball x8 / Scorch x1 (w/MF) 1,115.28
1,181.99 Arcane Blast / spammed (w/MF) 709.19
1,100.88 Fireball x8 / Scorch x1 (w/MF+IV avg'd) 990.79
1,043.46 Fireball 939.12
1,032.66 Fireball x8 / Scorch x1 929.40
984.99 Arcane Blast / spammed 590.99
Quote :
Avg Dmg Spell/Rotation
31,599.48 Fireball x8 / Scorch x1 (w/MF) (25.50 seconds)
27,386.21 Fireball x8 / Scorch x1 (w/MF+IV avg'd) (24.88 seconds)
26,332.90 Fireball x8 / Scorch x1 (25.50 seconds)
3,950.05 Pyroblast (6.00 seconds)
3,751.88 Fireball (w/MF) (3.00 seconds)
3,751.88 Fireball w/IV+MF) (2.50 seconds)
3,130.38 Fireball (3.00 seconds)

Lhivera takes a look at my stats in Armory, and calculates EVERYTHING... the Green being the most efficient use of my resources.

While Lhivera's site isn't totally 100%, be-all-end-all, absolutely accurate... it provides a baseline of what our potential is if we spammed our casts a certain way.

I can't stress to all the mages how useful this is.
Myself... I use Lhivera's as a baseline and a guide... something I want to prove to myself that I'm will perform BETTER than the theorycrafting number crunches.

Maximizing our potential as mages in a raid will make us much more than food dispensers and AI buffers. Like Jules.. he kicks ass.

Let's kick ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Raiding mages have it easy!   Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:21 am

Yes, this and RAWR are very powerful when looking at what you (or someone else >Surprised)
SHOULD be doing.

Haste is a interesting stat.

I've found for my character stacking haste is only good once i get a certain amount of haste.

Haste is the key to fire imho.
My mage in fire gear has ~10% haste
Thats 110 fireballs in the time someone else casts 100.
Thats 10 extra fireballs.

ALSO, alot of engame bosses force you to move alot.
The more haste you have the more shots you can get in while moving.

You get 9% crit from talents and 3% from mage armor.

/agree with doody.

Just if he wasnt banned from the forums :<
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Raiding mages have it easy!
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