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 All the hunters

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PostSubject: All the hunters   Tue Jul 15, 2008 6:05 am

For all the hunters in the guild, I was waiting for our new Class Leader to post somthing for us but i dont think that will happen so ive taken it upon myself to throw down a few things things that are needed for raiding.
For one : As a hunter in NexMilitis there are several Effective raid specs out in WoW today and most are based on the preferance of the player. But as Raiding goes Beast Mastery is more suited and helpful in a raid than Marksman and Survival for the simple fact that Ferocious Inspiration and Improved Hunters Mark help not only yourself but everyone around you.
Two : Items required for hunters raiding is as follows. (you dont need to have this exact ammount, you can bring more but this is the minimum)
- x1 Flask of relentless assault
- x10 Elixirs of Major Agility
- x20 Either ravager dog, Grilled Mudfish or Warp burgers
- x10 Super mana and health pots
- x2 Supirior Mana oil
For those Hunters and this goes for new and old who are wondering to themselves.. well if I should spec BM what spec do i use. As i said before the spec is all in preferance but here are a few links to some specs to give you a good idea of what you can actually do.
- [http://www.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Darkspear&n=Sixe
- http://www.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Darkspear&n=Hipnotiq

Guys you dont have to follow these to a "T" these are just a couple variations of the spec that should be used when raiding.
- One more thing is also required, all main core hunter raiders are " REQUIRED " to read up on all and any incoming boss fights that may be attempted in the near future. Such as, Lady vashj - Keal'Thelas - bosses in hyjal
There is no excuse to enter a raid and not know what your up against, for everyone lets set the curve and step up our game and when someone asks "Hey uh do you know the fight" we can all look at em and go "Uh Yeah dumbass. what are you retarded? Didnt you reaserch it?"
But pretty much guys thats all i got if you have anything you would like to add to my little rant feel free. But i hope this helps in future raids.
"One shot One kill" -peace
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PostSubject: Re: All the hunters   Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:19 pm


One thing hunters can do to increase our collective DPS as individuals, and thus, the raid is work on the core raid skills.

Playing a hunter is relatively easy for raiding. Don't have to buff anyone (except maybe an occassional Nature Aspect buff)... so what we have to do is maximize our potential.

Hit Rating is one of the most important things hunters can do to immediately improve DPS.
The Hit cap for a lvl 70 Hunter attacking a lvl 73 equiv ?? Elite boss MoB is 142. (+9% chance to hit)
Look at it this way... my hunter alt has a measly 43 Hit.. which is roughly +3% chance to hit. This means I MISS on Boss MoBs 7% of the time... but if I'm pumping out say... 100,000 damage on a Boss fight, I'm actually losing a little more than 7,000 damage.
It adds up.

Shot rotations - I'm just taking this from WoWwiki
Quote :
if your crossbow is 3.2 second cast time, your Arcane Shot is at normal 6 second and your Steady Shot is at 1.5 second cool down, you should fire Arcane Shot -> Auto Shot -> Steady Shot -> Auto Shot -> Steady Shot -> Arcane Shot. Fire Arcane Shot when ever it is ready and allow a Auto Shot between Steady Shots. (Note: There is much "Theorycraft" dedicated to the idea of the "perfect" shot rotation: Many hunters disagree with this shot rotation, alternatives may be seen discussed at elitistjerks, and tkasomething.com)
Long Story short.... you can maximize your DPS by fitting as many shots as you can in between your arcane shot. This means ALL of your shots are money makers... you just have to time them right.

Get a RAID Pet - I love my pet. Spankage runs around Azeroth and Outland with my hunter farming herb, mining, killing lowbies, and tanking MoBs for me... but in Raid?
I have my RAID pet.
The raiding pet has certain abilities and resistances that can bump up it's utility and DPS in raid situations.
Wreckage is my raid pet
High resists to the raid instance attacks I anticipate. If I am going to take it to SSC... Frost and Nature, Black Temple... Shadow and Fire... etc.
Also... train it for avoidance and cobra reflexes... Listen, it's a pet, the only person healing it is YOU with Improved Mend Pet.
Lots of people say that the Ravager is one of the best Raid pets in the game.
The Ravager's money maker is Gore 8 (or 9)
Quote :
Gore (Rank 9)
25 Focus 5 yd range
Gores the enemy, causing 37 to 61 damage.
This attack has a 50% chance to inflict double damage.
I spec'd my raid pet to have nothing but high avoidance, medium health, high resists, and Gore 9... the thinking was to just keep the focus for Gore spam to increase the chances of that 50% double damage proc.

Gear - gear is nice, but it's not the be all end all of your DPS. This holds true with all classes. You can easily out-dps someone with crappier gear than you, but that's not an excuse to be lazy with your total damage output.

In total... if we want to be viable and important components to some of the end-game raid content, it's helpful to try to maximize the potential of the class.
Still, we play what we like.
If you like being an Agility loaded Survival Spec with 12098475 meellliioonn Agility... and you could totally PWN people with a Deep Marksman spec... Can't live without the Scatter Shot/Silencing Shot combo... if you can keep up with everyone else in raid... more power to you... we play what we like, can't change that.

BM spec right now is the best raid spec... MM spec was the best pre-BC... The raid spec helps us achieve our fullest potential for the raid.... and that's good.
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All the hunters
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