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 Popular Paladin Tank Specs

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PostSubject: Popular Paladin Tank Specs   Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:23 pm

0/ 46 / 12 - The Main Tankadin
(2 points intentionally left open)
This is the "Cookie-cutter" Prot spec. The remaining 3 points typically go into either Improved Seal of the Crusader or Pursuit of Justice. In addition, most Tankadins using this spec will drop 1 point from somewhere else to pick up Blessing of Kings (except in some 25-man situations where there will always be another Paladin to cast it).
-Best suited for standard "main tanking"
-Gets most of the cool stuff in the Prot tree
-Not much hybrid left; healing (or DPS) suffers quite a bit

37/22/0 - The OT Healadin
(2 points intentionally left open)
This build is primarily a healing build, but gives up some deep Holy talents in favor of picking up some of the more important lower-tier Prot talents. It's not recommended for primary

tanking duties, more for primary healers who are called on to off-tank at times, or tank the occasional 5-man.
-Most of the Holy tree is left intact, leaving you a very effective healer.
-Blessed Life helps reduce incoming damage
-Holy Shock can be used either as a quick instant heal on yourself or a single-target threat ability
-No Holy Shield leaves you open to Crushing Blows

0/40/21 - The Threat Machine
This build is focused on threat generation, and skips some survivabilty talents like Ardent Defender and Shield Specialization. It's not recommended to use this build in progressions unless you have huge threat issues.
- Extremely high TPS outcome
- Precision reducing also taunt resist chance
- Reckoning which helps in farming
- Improved JoC for 3% raidwide crit
- Lack of Spell warding and Ardent Defender
- No Avenger Shield
- No Blessing of Kings
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Popular Paladin Tank Specs
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