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 Addons for a Healadin

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PostSubject: Addons for a Healadin   Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:11 pm

I know most if not all tha pallys in the guild probably already use these. I thought I would list them for any pallys coming into the guild. First one I know is a requirement of the guild and for good reason. Pally Power. It allows you to see and assign blessing assignments, or be assigned assignments. This allows for less confusion in a raid. Usually one of the lead pallys like Illiterate will make the assignments. All you have to do is watch the timer on the addon bar and rebuff as needed. Very simple.
Second is decursive. This is a great addon not just for pallys but for any class that can cleanse or decurse debuffs. These include poly, fear, poisons, curses, and dieseses. It makes a small mouseover area in the upper right of your screen with a box for each member of your party or raid. A box will light up red if someone has something you can cleanse. It will be a dull red if they are out of range and a bright red if they are in range. The best thing about it is you don't have to change your current target. Just mouse over the box and click. That's it. The only thing you have to worry about is it will set off the GCD, so timing is important to not interfere with heals or spells you may be casting.
The last two are not just for pallys but for anyone in the guild. Vent and Omen. Vent is a program, not an addon, that allows you to talk to and more importantly, listen to other party/raid members and leaders. The other, Omen, is an addon that tracks your threat in relation to the tanks. This is essential so that you do not pull threat off the tank. You just watch your threat as you heal, dps, whatever and make sure that it stays well below the tanks threat. It will flash red and alert you if you pass a certain threshold of threat, default is set to 90%, of whoever it believes is the tank. This lets you know to back off BEFORE pulling threat is close.
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Addons for a Healadin
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