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 Please Read This Before Posting Your Application

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PostSubject: Please Read This Before Posting Your Application   Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:21 am

NexMilitis is a Horde Raiding Guild on Darkspear. Our primary goal as a guild is to progress through endgame content at a steady pace while never sacrificing a fun environment. We like raiding to be enjoyable, not a boot camp. We do however take raiding seriously and expect our members to come to raids prepared with any potions, elixirs and stat foods they will need and to remain focused.

Currently we have completed 5/6 SSC and 2/4 TK. We are currently working on Hyjal and BT. Kara and ZA is still being run, but it is not a primary focus of this guild and is not included on our three scheduled raid nights. We are always willing to consider exceptional applications for alternates for the 25-man content and people who are interested in continuing 5 and 10 man instances on off nights. Archons are considered alternate raiders, so if you would like to see and have a chance at SSC, TK, MH and BT content then you are always welcome to let us know you are available and prepared on a given raid night to see if we have room. This is not the same as dragging through under-geared folks to cover them in purples. All raid members must be prepared and able to play their part well. It helps to have 10-man raid, heroic or epic crafted equipment for consideration as a raid alternate. Please understand that while alternates are not the first invited, our raid members have lives, vacations, emergencies, etc. We count on our alternates to keep us moving.

Applications are considered LIVE for 14 days and then are CLOSED -- if we do not hear from you within a two-week period you must reapply. Failure to fill out the application in it's entirety results in an incomplete application.

Remember to check back often as the Officers will respond to your application here before we speak with you in game.

Please read the FAQ (located at http://www.nexmilitis.net/guildinfo.htm) before applying.

Current Needs:
NexMilitis' current recruitment needs are listed on the Darkspear realm forums (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=8557017917&sid=1), we are currently seeking DPS Warriors and ALL healing classes. If we are not currently recruiting your class, you are still welcome to apply, however raiding spots will be prioritized to those classes we are currently in need of. All applications will be reviewed by guild leadership and accepted or denied at their discretion.

Requirements to join the guild are as follows:
Tier 4/5 and/or ZA/Badge gear minimum
All healers must have a minimum of 1200+ to healing
Damage casters must have hit cap and a minimum of 700 to damage
All tanks must have a minimum of 13,000 health (unbuffed) and crit immunity
Hunters and melee classes must have hit cap and a minimum attack power of 1400

You must be available to raid from 7pm 12am (server time) Monday thru Thursday and you must be able to make a large majority of the raids
BC 25man Content Raiding Experience

Application Format:
Please copy and paste the questions below into a new thread (named for your character) and add your answers. Please complete all of the application!

Character Name:

Armory Profile Link (required - please look your toon up and copy and paste the URL here. Does not need to be clickable.):

Is this your main?:

Character Attunements/Keys:

PvE Experience:

What raid instances do you have the most experience with?:

What level of involvement are you looking for with our raids?:

How did you hear about NexMilitis?:

Do you have any personal references within the guild?:

Why do you wish to join NexMilitis?:

Have you grouped with any nexMilitis members or have friends in NexMilitis? (RL and/or in game):

List your previous guilds in the last six months. Include both the reason you left and something you liked about each.:

Do you feel it is the guilds job to help gear you for raids?:

What are your usual playing times? Would you be available for our scheduled raid times?:

What other times are you available?:

Tell us a little about yourself and why you would be a good asset to NexMilitis:

Do you have vent? (Microphone is optional, but we need you to be able to listen.):
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Please Read This Before Posting Your Application
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